My iGoogle Personal Learning Environment

I love using technology to keep my life organized!  iGoogle lets me have all of my important resources in one, nice, neat location.
Here’s a screenshot of my home page.
  • I’ve included my YouTube channel – PacadaVision.  This gives me instant access to all of the videos that I have created and shared.
  • YouTube Search is there for the times I need a quick tutorial, or just a break from all of this work.
  • I’m very excited about my brand new Twitter account!  I never really saw the point of it before, but now I am using it to get the latest news on the Golden State Warriors & to stay up to date with the latest educational technology news.  I’ve even created my first tweet about how I use Whole Brain Teaching and technology in my classroom.
  • I have to admit that Facebook isn’t my favorite thing, but I have linked my Facebook account on this page.  I’ve been inactive on Facebook for almost 3 years now, but maybe iGoogle will help me get back into the Facebook loop again.
  • Lastly, I have Inspirational Quotes & Pictures.  I added this just for fun.
Here’s a screenshot of my FSO/AR page.  These are the necessary links for Full Sail Online & my Action Research project.
  • Google/Emails: links to my Google pages, iCloud account, FSO mentor site, and
  • Action Research Links: helpful links for my literature review and upkeep of my WordPress AR page
  • FSO: so far I just have a link to the FSO login page.
My last page is my resource page.
  • Daily Language Arts Printables, Grade 5 gives me access to new writing ideas.  Even though I teach 4th grade, I’ve found that the lessons are appropriate for my students.
  • Google Reader is another resource that is helping me stay up to date on education and technology.
  • Google Docs gadget will allow me to view all of the docs that I’ve been invited to share.
  • Training links will take me straight to the tutorials for the programs that I’ve been using the most.
  • ETC Resources links are all of the relevant links for my current Emergent Technologies in a Collaborative Culture class.
  • Blogs to Follow will lead me to the blogs of my classmates that I am currently following.
  • Other Resources gives me links to my favorite educational technology resources.
  • Flicker gadget allows me to do a quick search when I’m in need of a copyright compliant picture for one of my projects.
I’m excited about using my iGoogle page to keep me connected to all of the things that I truly love.  As I continue to learn more and more about technology, I’m starting to see new doors in my life slowly starting to open.  I’ve never been more excited about possibilities of a better future.

Flip Cameras Turn Students into Teachers

I was amazed as I watched two of my students record and narrate their experience at Mission San Juan Bautista.

Today I took my 4th grade class on a well deserved trip to Mission San Juan Bautista, California’s 15th mission, founded on June 24, 1797.  We’ve been studying about Spanish history in California for the past month and this week my students have been presenting their mission reports to the class.

Just as we set off to start touring the historic park, I watched as my student Grayson pulled out his Flip camera to recorded himself reading a sign about the El Camino Real.  It’s like a light bulb went off in my head as I pulled my Flip camera out of my pocket and handed it to my student, Terrance.  After that, I gave both of them the very important task of using their cameras to video tape all of the important sites at the mission while narrating their experience.  I was completely blown away when I watched them recording sections of the building where they could see the old adobe bricks. Terrance really got into explaining the detailed process of adobe brick making.  Instead of me being their guide at the mission, they had a blast as they taught each other (and the camera) about everything that they learned.  It’s always a great teaching moment when you can stand back and watch your students graduate from learners to teachers.

Now, what am I going to do with all this footage?  I guess that my next task will be to start an after school class on video editing.  I love my job, but it is never-ending.


Welcome to PacadaVision. Technology and teaching are two of my biggest passions.  Thanks to Chris Biffle, Whole Brain Teaching has helped me embrace and tackle many of the student and classroom management challenges.  With a new found confidence in that area, I’m now on a quest to find my place in the world of educational technology. Follow me as I discover & implement new technology into my 4th grade classroom.

This video shows me giving a science lesson using Prezi & Whole Brain Teaching.