Flip Cameras Turn Students into Teachers

I was amazed as I watched two of my students record and narrate their experience at Mission San Juan Bautista.

Today I took my 4th grade class on a well deserved trip to Mission San Juan Bautista, California’s 15th mission, founded on June 24, 1797.  We’ve been studying about Spanish history in California for the past month and this week my students have been presenting their mission reports to the class.

Just as we set off to start touring the historic park, I watched as my student Grayson pulled out his Flip camera to recorded himself reading a sign about the El Camino Real.  It’s like a light bulb went off in my head as I pulled my Flip camera out of my pocket and handed it to my student, Terrance.  After that, I gave both of them the very important task of using their cameras to video tape all of the important sites at the mission while narrating their experience.  I was completely blown away when I watched them recording sections of the building where they could see the old adobe bricks. Terrance really got into explaining the detailed process of adobe brick making.  Instead of me being their guide at the mission, they had a blast as they taught each other (and the camera) about everything that they learned.  It’s always a great teaching moment when you can stand back and watch your students graduate from learners to teachers.

Now, what am I going to do with all this footage?  I guess that my next task will be to start an after school class on video editing.  I love my job, but it is never-ending.

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