My iGoogle Personal Learning Environment

I love using technology to keep my life organized!  iGoogle lets me have all of my important resources in one, nice, neat location.
Here’s a screenshot of my home page.
  • I’ve included my YouTube channel – PacadaVision.  This gives me instant access to all of the videos that I have created and shared.
  • YouTube Search is there for the times I need a quick tutorial, or just a break from all of this work.
  • I’m very excited about my brand new Twitter account!  I never really saw the point of it before, but now I am using it to get the latest news on the Golden State Warriors & to stay up to date with the latest educational technology news.  I’ve even created my first tweet about how I use Whole Brain Teaching and technology in my classroom.
  • I have to admit that Facebook isn’t my favorite thing, but I have linked my Facebook account on this page.  I’ve been inactive on Facebook for almost 3 years now, but maybe iGoogle will help me get back into the Facebook loop again.
  • Lastly, I have Inspirational Quotes & Pictures.  I added this just for fun.
Here’s a screenshot of my FSO/AR page.  These are the necessary links for Full Sail Online & my Action Research project.
  • Google/Emails: links to my Google pages, iCloud account, FSO mentor site, and
  • Action Research Links: helpful links for my literature review and upkeep of my WordPress AR page
  • FSO: so far I just have a link to the FSO login page.
My last page is my resource page.
  • Daily Language Arts Printables, Grade 5 gives me access to new writing ideas.  Even though I teach 4th grade, I’ve found that the lessons are appropriate for my students.
  • Google Reader is another resource that is helping me stay up to date on education and technology.
  • Google Docs gadget will allow me to view all of the docs that I’ve been invited to share.
  • Training links will take me straight to the tutorials for the programs that I’ve been using the most.
  • ETC Resources links are all of the relevant links for my current Emergent Technologies in a Collaborative Culture class.
  • Blogs to Follow will lead me to the blogs of my classmates that I am currently following.
  • Other Resources gives me links to my favorite educational technology resources.
  • Flicker gadget allows me to do a quick search when I’m in need of a copyright compliant picture for one of my projects.
I’m excited about using my iGoogle page to keep me connected to all of the things that I truly love.  As I continue to learn more and more about technology, I’m starting to see new doors in my life slowly starting to open.  I’ve never been more excited about possibilities of a better future.

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