BrainPop Teaches about Blogs

Are you looking for fun and engaging lessons that your students will love?  Well, look no further because BrainPop has created an educational site full of entertaining videos with content in the subject areas: Art & Music, English, Health, Math, Science, Social Studies, & Technology.

BrainPop Educator

If you’re a teacher, you can register for a free BrainPop Educator account. With this account, you will have access to the BrainPop Educator’s Blog, and Lesson Plans created by teachers, for teachers.  Unfortunately, if you wish to have access to all of the amazing videos that the site has to offer, you will need to get a subscription & I will tell you more about that later.  They do offer a free trial that you can sign up for.  I haven’t signed up yet, so I’m not quite sure how long the free trial is.

Features of BrainPop Educator

  • Access to Educator’s Blog
  • Access to Lesson Plans
    • Search by subject and grade
    • Search standards by state, subject, and grade (I love this feature!)
  • Free webinars and tutorials available to watch
  • Resources, planning tools, and ideas for integration available
  • Information about upcoming conferences and BrainPop news

The other option would be for you to look through their “free stuff” page.  There you can find videos and lessons in all of the different content areas.  This page will give you a glimpse of the amazing learning that can be happening in your classroom.

Watch my YouTube video as I navigate my way through a free BrainPop lesson on blogs.  This is a lesson that I will use with my class as an introduction lesson about blogging.  Once they have all of the essential information, they will be ready to start writing their own blog posts.



  • Some free content available
  • Free educator account (as mentioned above)
  • There are 1-5 year subscriptions for all of their different resources: BrainPop, BrainPop Jr. (K-3), BrainPop Espanol, & BrainPop ESL
  • Combo Packs are available if you would like to have access to more than 1 resource
  • Pricing varies for: school, district, media lab, classroom, public library, homeschool, family, and virtual classroom (check out the subscription page)
  • Classroom subscription for 1 year of BrainPop is $195
  • Classroom subscription for 1 year of BrainPop Jr. is $135
  • Classroom BrainPop & BrainPop Jr. 1 year subscription is $275
  • Classroom BrainPop ESL 1 year subscription is $115
  • Classroom BrainPop Espanol 1 year subscription is $150

Final Thoughts

I was so impressed with the organization of all of the content material within this site.  All of the BrainPop videos that I’ve watched (about 8 of them) have been interesting and engaging.  The quiz at the end of each video really get me to pay attention because I always want the robot character Moby to give me a beep for the correct answer.  I am seriously thinking about subscribing to BrainPop next school year.  I know that the creativity that is involved with this site can bring out great work from my students.  I already have a few students who watch BrainPop videos on their iPads & I know that they absolutely love it.  I hope that you find this site as fun and helpful as I do.

2 thoughts on “BrainPop Teaches about Blogs

  1. Gena, Brainpop seems like a useful tool. I can certainly use this with my 7th graders. I will have to try out the free stuff this week! Thanks for this wonderful resource.

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