Khan Academy

Do you have students in your class who feel like the work is either too easy, or too hard? Have you ever felt like your students could benefit from being on an individualized learning plan?  Khan Academy has made that a possibility with its unique and motivating math practice site.
Math Practice Features
  • Suitable for anyone: from kindergarteners, to college students, to life-long learners
  • Math concepts from the basics of number lines, addition, and subtraction, to the complexities of calculus and systems of equations
  • Content follows a logical mathematical flow that is organized and somewhat easy to navigate around
  • Users sign-in to save progress and reward badges
  • Users earn points and achieve badges for Awesome Streaks, Persistence, Good Habits, Making Progress, and MORE!
  • Instant feedback for answers
  • When a user gets stuck, help videos and step-by-step procedures are available for extra guidance & support
  • Users show mastery of a concept by completing 10 correct answers in a row
  • Coaches (teachers) can manage students and track their progress
    • See problems students get right and wrong
    • See how long a student spends on each problem & when they need extra help from hints & videos
  • Absolutely FREE with no pop-up ads!
Background Information about Khan Academy
Salman Khan is the founder of this site and it started out in 2004 when he began uploading math tutoring videos for his cousins on YouTube.  When his videos started going viral, it caught the attention of many, including Bill Gates, who helps with the financial backing of this non-profit educational organization.  Since then, his tutoring video library has grown to over 3,000 videos in subject areas that include: math,history, medicine, economics, a variety of sciences, civics, and much more.  My dad, a middle school math teacher, is the one who first told me about this amazing, education changing website and you can read more on Khan Academy’s About page or on Wikipedia.
Video Features
  • 3,000+ videos
  • Many cover multiple ways  to learn and understand a concept

Final Thoughts

I am so excited about using this site as an extension of learning for all of my students who are looking for extra math practice at home.  I also plan on using this site with some of my students who are struggling with basic concepts of math.  Since I’m teaching 4th grade and my students are learning about fractions and decimals, I feel like I’ve gotten to the point where moving on with some of them is becoming too difficult.  With Khan Academy, instead  of moving on with those students, I plan on putting them on my classroom computers to use Khan Academy as an individualized learning experience.  These students will be motivated by points and badges as they practice and master the basics of math in order to move on and build confidence.  The one downfall is that in order to sign-in and save progress, my students will need a Gmail account.  I know that some of my students have one, but for those who don’t, I will be contacting parents to see if they can help their child set up an account that will allow them to use this powerful learning tool.

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