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BP6… Take 2!!

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Okay, here’s my second attempt to post BP6.  This time I will be blogging about using LiveBinders in order to share resources about blogs with my students.  In this post, you will learn about how LiveBinders can be a great teaching resource for teachers, parents, & students.  I will also reflect on the LiveBinder that I created for my students to use as a resource to help them get started on creating their own blogs.

What is LiveBinders?

For those of you who haven’t heard about LiveBinders, it’s a free site (unless you need to upgrade for extra memory & storage space) that allows you to keep and share organized virtual binders.

Get started by searching through created LiveBinders.

If you’re not sure how to get stared with LiveBinders, I recommend that you begin by doing a search through Featured Binders.  There you will find popular LiveBinders that can inspire you to start creating your own.  If there is a specific topic, grade level, or subject that you are interested in, there is a search box for you to type in key words.

Once you’ve gotten the idea of how to use LiveBinders, you’re ready to start creating your own!

Who can you share LiveBinders with & what do can you include in them?

  • Teachers/Colleagues
    • Share lesson plans
    • Resources for grade level subjects/reports
    • Worksheets
    • Teaching links
  • Parents & Students
    • Directions, resources, & links for reports
    • Homework help resources
    • Flickr Images
    • Links to helpful resources
      • Math fact practice
      • Writing prompts
      • Educational Videos
      • Class/school webpage

    Click for a link to my LiveBinder

(Files that can be uploaded to LiveBinders:  .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .ppt, .doc, .txt, and .mov )

To help explain, here’s a link to my Kidbolg Resources Livebinder.

After you start looking through LiveBinders, you will notice that you can create tabs and sub-tabs.  This feature is a great way to keep all of your resources and information organized and easy to locate.

Options for your LiveBinder:

  • Set your binder to private/public
  • Create a pass code if you set your binder to private
  • Share your binder via: e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +1, & Plurk
  • Add names of other LiveBinder users to allow them to collaborate & edit your binder

Reflection about my Kidblog Resources Livebinder:

I think that this LiveBinder is going to be a great resource for my students to use as they are starting to post their own blogs on  I plan on putting a link to this resource on my new class webpage.  Since most of my students are used to looking up images from Google, I felt that it was really important that this LiveBinder included places that they can go to for copyright compliant images.  For most of them, this is the first year that they are learning that it is not okay to use any image that they find on the internet.

The other thing that I like about my binder is that I have links to things like: blog topic ideas & the BrainPop page about blogs.  Since my students will have watched the BrainPop video in class, having the link in my LiveBinder will be a familiar resource for that they will be comfortable watching and learning from on their own.

This is a sample of the image that will pop-up when you click the button "LiveBinder it".

As I work more and more with the LiveBinders site, I am very impressed with its capabilities.  When you set up an account, it will recommend that you add the LiveBinder It link onto your Internet browser’s Bookmarks Bar.  This makes it especially easy to add any link to a binder that you’ve created. So, any time I come across a great site about blogs, all I have to do is click the button LiveBinder It, and once I select my Kidblog Resources binder, I can automatically add the link as either a tab, or a sub-tab.  This makes expanding the binder as easy as a few clicks of a button!

I recommend that you go and explore the LiveBinder site & you just might be inspired to create your own.

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