The Experience Training #2: WordPress 3 Essential Training

Last month, I completed a training in iMovie and found it to be extremely helpful, even though I’ve been using iMovie for about 10 years now.  Last week I decided that a WordPress training would be helpful in creating a new webpage for my class.  I have to say that I am very impressed with and the amount of information that’s available through their site.  Even though I’ve only gone through 2 trainings, both instructors were enthusiastic, easy to understand, and were extremely knowledgable about their topics, covering a great amount of detail about each application.

The author of this WordPress training is a web designer and developer named Morten Rand-Hendriksen. His examples were easy to follow.  As I was watching his videos in a small window in the upper left hand of my screen, I had the dashboard open for my class webpage.  This way I could change and update my page as he was teaching.  If there were parts that were going by too quickly, that’s what the pause and rewind button is for.  I really love learning and exploring at my own pace!

Next Steps:

For me, this WordPress Essential Training is enough to meet my classroom webpage needs.  I don’t really see myself doing anymore WordPress courses for a while.  I do have some other courses in my queue, hoping that I will find time (over the summer) to complete:

  • Photoshop CS5 Essential Training
  • Illustrator CS5 Essential Training
  • Final Cut Pro X Essential Training

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