And the Winner is…

It’s now been about a week that I’ve had my new WordPress classroom page posted and shared with my students and parents on the internet.  I’ve actually been getting to know WordPress since I started my action research website 4 months ago. The question is: Do I actually like using WordPress more than I liked using iWeb?

iWeb wins, but I’ll still be using WordPress!

Honestly, for something like my class webpage, I’m going to have to go with iWeb.  As a teacher, the school year is so busy between teaching, giving free homework help after school, correcting papers, going to meetings, lesson planning, and much, much more.  Being able to fall back on my drag and drop skills made everything so much easier for me.

The other feature that I liked about iWeb was the fact that every time I published any updates to my webpage, it would ask me if I wanted to send an announcement (via email).  I loved this feature!!  Whenever I agreed to Announce, a new e-mail with a pre-written message would pop open from my Mail application.  From there, I would simply add my parents’ email addresses straight from my address book, add a couple of classroom news items and updates in the message, and send it off to them.  They could count on this message on Sunday nights, when I updated the page for the week.

My New Realization

Maybe it’s just that I have a hard time letting go of all of the hard work that I’ve put into my iWeb page.  I guess that I can use this as a life lesson: As technology changes, so do we.  If we can’t change with technology, then we end up getting stuck in the past, watching the world grow and change around us.

I guess it’s time to embrace the changes, make the best of it, & push myself to learn and grow… not all at once, but gradually. I do love the sleek new look of my WordPress page & now that I’ve started blogging with my class, I’m starting to add links and resources that will tie into lessons that my students are learning in class.

Check out the new Kidblog Links page that I added last night.  Since my student will be blogging until the end of the school year, this is going to be an important resource page for my students.  So far, I only have links to the class blog & the Kidblog Resources Livebinder, but I plan on adding to this as my students learn more about blogging.

Plans for the Future of my Class Webpage:

No sense dwelling on an out of date program like iWeb, so here’s what I plan on gradually adding to my site.

  • Links to featured student blogs
  • Class news blog posts every 2 weeks
  • Test Prep Info page
  • Summer Learning page

I’m sure I’ll think of more to add in the summertime, but for now, I think I’m content with this to do list.

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