Links to Lessons I Would Love to Try

In my search for lessons that I know I will use in my classrooms next year, I found 2 great lesson plans on 2 very different sites!

Ketsana’s Lesson using Storybird

Click to check out Ketsana's great lesson plan!

I’ve tried blogging with my students & they absolutely love it!  Now, thanks to Ketsana’s lesson about motivating students to write fairy tales through the use of Storybird, my students can get even more creative with their writing.

Besides the lesson plan, you will also find:

  • Pre-survey questions
  • Grading rubric
  • Video showing how the lesson worked in her classroom
Read through her lesson plan to find out the great information she provides.  At the end, you will also find my comment about how I plan on using Storybird in my classroom next year.

Flashcard Machine by Jackie

Click on the picture to check out her post!

My dad was the one who taught me to use flashcards when I was in elementary school.  That was always THE way that I learned vocabulary and important information that I needed to know for any test.  For that reason, I always have my students make flash cards & keep vocabulary flip-books full of important words and definitions.

With Flashcard Machine, it is now possible to have online flashcards with colorful pictures, organized by subject, and are quick and easy to review. I absolutely love this idea!  Check out Jackie’s Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenario (RILS) lesson with her 3rd grade students.  I’ve even left my own thoughts and comments about how I plan on using this Web 2.0 tool next year in my classroom.

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