Summer Fun! – My First Music Video

This song was written in my Music Theory & Education Application class this month.  To give a little background, I’m a 4th grade teacher who is currently enrolled in a MS program at Full Sail University Online.  Our task was to write a song connected to our Action Research project.  For my project, I am giving my staff professional development on the use of the site LiveBinders.

Just before school got out in June, I had teachers at every grade level help me collaborate on a virtual binder that we titled Noble Summer Learning Fun.  We wanted to give parents a fun way to keep their children learning throughout the summer.  This was the inspiration for my song.  At first I was terrified about writing lyrics to my own original song, but after the ideas came rolling in, this music video became my absolute favorite project.  I hope you enjoy it!


One thought on “Summer Fun! – My First Music Video

  1. Nicely done, Gena! I watched the whole video and thanks for inspiring a lifetime (well, a summer of, for now) learning for all of us! Cheers!

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