Week 1 Comment #1: Tom Draa

Original Post:

Leadership Post: To Present or To Publish

October 26, 2012

It is an easy decision for me to choose to present my AR Project versus publishing it.  I have always loved to write and always thought I was pretty good at it, until I started writing my literature review.  It is a different type of writing and although I feel much more comfortable after my EMDT courses and finishing my literature review, I still am apprehensive when it comes to thinking about publishing my work.  I also really like the idea of presenting my work and feel much more comfortable making a quality presentation to display my project.

Looking at the list of places where we are able to apply to to present our capstone project was pretty daunting at first, but as I thought more about actually presenting the work I have done over the last year I must admit I started more and more to accept the challenge.  Although there were no locations nearby, I would love a reason to take a mini-vacation that would serve as a spring board for work to get out there and possibly help other utilize the technology I have began to master.

Challenge accepted.

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My Comment:

Now that I’m finally feeling really comfortable teaching 4th grade science, I’m becoming more and more inspired by your AR project and the work that you have done with your students. If I have time at the end of this school year, I may have my students help me write a song about electricity, and we’ll create a music video together. It’s been so exciting watching your students’ creativity thrive in the creation of their music videos about cells. You helped your students create a memory that will stick with them for most of their life. If I can remember songs that I learned when I was in kindergarten, then they definitely will remember a song that they wrote in your class. I know that whatever you come up with for your Leadership Project will be amazing and many more will be inspired. Best of luck to you!

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