Week 2 Leadership: Where do I present?

It’s just my luck that most of the conferences that I am interested in are not accepting proposals. This task was a lot harder than I thought it would be. At first I thought that I wanted to submit a proposal for the Early Education and Technology for Children (EETC) Conference that is taking place between April 2-4, 2013, in Salt Lake City, Utah. The conference seemed perfect for a presentation about using LiveBinders in elementary education, and they are accepting proposals! Upon closer investigation, I realized that the due date is next Tuesday, November 6th. Although I will have a first draft of a Leadership Project presentation document by that date, I’m not trying to rush the process in order to get a final proposal completed in less than a week.

My Plan A

With that first thought thrown out the window, I decided that my first choice would be to submit my work for the Sloan Consortium’s 6th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium. This conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada April 9-11, 2013 and they are accepting submissions until December 10, 2012. Besides the fact that Las Vegas is a short plane trip away from California, and the symposium is located right on the Vegas strip in a month where the weather is actually bearable, the symposium tracks seem to fit perfectly with my presentation material. Categories that will fit with the use of LiveBinders are: Learning Spaces and Communities, Faculty and Student Development, and Innovative Media and Tools. Finding the category that interests me most will help me narrow down my topic for this Leadership Project.

My Plan B

My backup plan will be to submit a proposal for the Orange County CUE (Computer Using Educators) Technology Festival that will be held on February 2, 2013. The deadline for this submission is December 2, 2012. This would be a good second option for me because I could fly or drive down to Orange County and I have plenty of friends and some family who live down in that area. Orange County CUE is affiliated with CUE located in Walnut Creek, California, a city that is a 15-20 minute drive away from where I grew up. Originally I wanted to submit a proposal for the annual CUE conference in 2013, but I just missed the submission date. I’m very interested in technology conferences in California because this is where I hope to make a big impact in the field of technology and education. This OC CUE Technology Festival seems a lot smaller, but I do plan on looking into it as a possible option.


5 thoughts on “Week 2 Leadership: Where do I present?

  1. Gena, I am really excited about presenting at the EETC conference. I am working so hard and not getting much sleep these days, just so that I can meet the deadline for submitting my presentation proposal by next Tuesday, November 6. If that does not work out, I might have to try the Sloan Consortium’s 6th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium. It would be amazing if we could do this together.

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