Week 2 Comment #1: Ben Witter

Week 2 Reading

Posted in Week 2 on October 31, 2012 by benwitter

I am very exited to read this book. I watched the TED talk Benjamin Zander gave and was blown away. I was immediately drawn in with his affinity for music and how he wove that into the point he was trying to make. I’m glad this isn’t a regular textbook. I think this will really propel me into whatever it is that awaits me after this program.

Chapter 1: It’s All Invented

I have always fancied myself as a rather free thinker, someone who is so far outside the box that the box ceases to exist. I totally get the undertones that are being played throughout this chapter. The constraints that we place on ourselves are just that, self-inflicted. I understand that some people are dealt unfair things from life, but it all boils down to perceptions. I am a firm believer that perceptions are what determine our life, our reality. The world itself is real to us because of how we perceive it. Along with perception includes perspective and relativity. If more people could understand that the perceptions they have are invented from society and their surroundings, as well as innate personal qualities, there would be less concern for how others perceive us and more focus on living our lives as our lives and not someone else’s. People just need to invent new perceptions. Actually, people just need to invent new realities.

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My Response to Ben

I love your views on life and I have such a huge respect for you! Ever since your first bio video in month one of this program, I knew that you were the creative, out of the box thinker, and the one that I could look up to and draw inspiration from. Sometimes I find myself getting caught up with the rules and what’s right and what’s wrong. When I catch myself doing that, I’m finding that it really limits my possibilities. If I was just completing assignments to meet the requirements of a rubric that will get me an A, then I know that I would come up with good work, but it would be boring work. That’s exactly how I made my way through college. Did I learn much in my quest for a liberal studies degree? I can’t think of one memorable project or assignment that I did in those 4 years.

I have to say that getting my master’s degree in a subject area that I’m truly passionate about, being surrounded by amazingly talented teaching professionals, and getting words of wisdom from online professors who are paving the way for an educational technology movement has been the most rewarding experience of my life! Even though I’m working so hard that most days I feel like I want to break down in tears, this online education experience through Full Sail University has made me look at education in a brand new way. We might as well not be getting grades because I’m never worried about getting a bad grade on a project. Completing projects, while not easy, has been so rewarding, giving me practical and useful knowledge that I will take with me in my next quest for a new job. I’m finding myself not really looking at the rubrics, but instead pushing myself to rise to my own high standard to try and come up with new and incredible things. Ben, I’m so thankful to have you there to share your perspective that shows us that it is so cool to do things your own way.


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