Week 2 Comment #2: Jamie Anderson

Wk 2 Reading “My Possibilities”

We can think outside of the box we live in by changing our own perspective of what we see. We are the builders of what we see and can change the story by removing or adding to your story to bring yourself out of the box. We make assumptions that certain things are bad or good are based on the story we state in our mind. We can shift what we think by thinking differently. We are not magicians but we can be designers of results by renewing our ideas and concepts to bring us what we desire.

 Does the viewer see a mind emptying out thoughts or a mind that is confused? You decide what you perceive.

I have to say that my thoughts and actions have made a complete difference in the measurement of the world that I perceive. I constantly look to see the bright side to every story even when things do not seem as if they are going in a direction that I would have originally planned. For example, when I first found out that I was pregnant again and on top of that I was pregnant with twins I couldn’t do anything but laugh.  I had just a masters program at a different school and it was hard enough. During the pregnancy I lost one of the babies and I was told I was going to lose the other one. I constantly told myself that everything is going to be fine and it will work out in the end. Today I have an energetic and happy 19 months old that runs my house. Your universe is a small as you want to make it but doors of possibilities are always opening up when you seek for greater things.

Giving myself an A as a musician was always very hard. I was told that I could sing and play the trombone great but I always thought I was just getting by and should be seen as a C student. There are singers better than me. There are people out there that can make me look like a first grader at singing. I would practice and sing at different places and people would tell me that my singing made them cry tears of joy and yet I still felt that I was a singer just getting by. It was not until I was in front of two men during an audition for the World Tour Scholarship at Berkley College of music that my perception changed greatly. I stood in front of two men with no music just my voice and my ear to stay on the right notes. I sung my first song and then my second with my face looking straight into the ceiling. I finally got the courage to look at the two men and one stood and clapped the other sat and was crying. They told me of all the years that they had been doing auditions they had never been moved by such range and emotions. At that point I gave myself an A because my perception changed. It was not longer others that saw the A but myself. At that point it wasn’t about how much music that I knew but where I could go from this point. They said no matter what it takes they wanted me to join the program. They knew I didn’t know much about treble clef or if I could hear the difference between a major and a minor scale. They just knew that they had seen a gift, a talent that needed nurturing.

My Comment to Jamie:

It’s amazing what can happen when you get that boost of confidence. It sounds like you are your own biggest critic, but I’m pleased to know that your perception of yourself changed after your talent was recognized and greatly acknowledged. That story of yours reminds me how important it is for educators to encourage each student’s special talents and skills. It’s so hard when I have to give grades and there are just some students who don’t do well even though they are trying as hard as possible. In my class, 12 of my 32 students are English Language Learners who need extra language support. That puts them at a disadvantage in every subject and it’s heartbreaking to see them lose confidence in themselves when they see other students getting better grades. I wish it were easier to change their perception of themselves. I can give encouragement and meaningful feedback to my students, but when grades tell them differently, it’s difficult for many of them to keep a positive outlook. For those students, I try to give them different experiences and opportunities and hopefully find an area where they can use their talent to shine.

I love your outlook on life and appreciate that you shared your inspirational stories in your blog. Your little girl is absolutely precious and I’m sure she keeps you busy, but brings so much joy to your life.

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