Week 3 Leadership Hub

My plan for presenting my Leadership Project still is to submit a proposal to the Sloan Consortium’s 6th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium. This conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada April 9-11, 2013 and they are accepting submissions until December 10, 2012. I now think that I will be submitting my work under the category: Innovative Media and Tools. Choosing that category helped me come up with the topic Using LiveBinders for Planning and Collaboration. As I continue to do revisions on this first draft, I’m also playing around with the idea 5 Ways to Use LiveBinders for Effective Planning & Collaboration. In my presentation, I will do an overview of my Literature Review and how it influenced my Action Research Project, then I will get into the 5 ways to use LiveBinders for planning & collaboration.

As my backup plan, I would still like to submit a proposal for the Orange County CUE (Computer Using Educators) Technology Festival that will be held on February 2, 2013. The deadline for this submission is December 2, 2012. After choosing a more narrowed down topic, I still think that this Technology Festival is a good choice that is closer to home.

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Leadership Presentation Speaker’s Notes

Leadership Presentation Prezi


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