Week 3 Comment 2: Niki

Niki’s Original Post: Week 3 Reading: Art of Possibilities


It’s amazing but the quote, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear” still holds true. This book is really speaking to me. Chapter 5 had the most impact on me. I was reminded of my own situation when Georgina explains in the letter to Zander about the seating arrangements. Her negative situation was turned into a positive one. It is so hard to see anything positive when going through a storm.  I know that’s how I felt last year when the changes occurred in my workplace. I had to choose between training and management. I had run the program for several years and trained users from all over the world. Even though I’d received awards and praises for the training program, the project manager decided to create a different model. I felt hurt and conflicted. I was totally taken by surprise and became angry and resentful. My students and the relationships that I’d built with them was my only joy. The situation confirmed my love for training. It was clear to me that I wanted to teach more than manage.Once that decision was firm in my soul I decided enroll in the EMDT program. I wanted to make an investment in myself. I was not my job and didn’t want it to define me as a person. I do miss having a voice in my current position on matters that are important to me. It has be an awesome journey reinventing myself to have a different voice. I’ve created a dream or goal book with ideas I’d like to pursue after graduation. I came to realize, just like Georgina did about her position in the orchestra that I have a voice that can make a difference. I am excited and can’t wait to use it to continue me journey. I am open to all the possibilitiesthe world has to offer me and all I can give back.
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My Response to Niki:

The quote that you picked out has so much meaning to it, and it applies to all of us who made the decision to choose to enroll in this EMDT master’s program. I think that it’s so great that you’ve created a dream/goal book and that you are using the EMDT program as a way to explore new possibilities. I would love to pick your brain about making the transition out of the classroom. Even though you are not a classroom teacher anymore, it sounds like teaching and education is still your life’s calling, and you have so much more left to give. I feel like I’m going through a similar situation, but I’m still in the classroom, suck on the fence. Do I try and make the most of my current position teaching 4th grade, or is there something else out there in the education and technology field where I can thrive and continue to grow? Was it easy for you to make that decision?

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