Designing a Comprehensive Assessment Plan

I’ve been playing around with the LMS Schoology to help designing a blended course that could help me teach my 4th grade students about electricity and magnetism.

Lesson Overviews on Prezi

Here you can find:

  • vocabulary with definitions
  • videos
  • 4th Grade CA State Physical Science Standards

Chapter 8: Electricity Lessons

Chapter 9: Magnetism Lessons

Formative Assessment

Intro to Electricity Home Screen

In Schoology I have created my blended course and uploaded examples of  various assignments and discussions that I would have my students complete throughout the 8 week course. This is a screenshot of the main page for the course Intro to Electricity. On the righthand side are a list of the upcoming assignments and their due dates.

Static Electricity Comic Assignment

Assignments for formative assessment include:

  • Discussion comments & responses in Schoology
  • Creative assignments using programs like ComicLife
  • Interactive science simulations like this Building Circuits Module

Here is what it looks like if you open up the first assignment. Students are given directions, a link to the Static Electricity Prezi, and a link to the grading rubric.

Life of a Cloud Comic

The following is an example of work that could be turned in for this assignment:


Feedback can be given in 3 different ways:

  1. Students will be asked to create a blog post in Kidblog displaying their static electricity comment along with a reflection about creating the comic. Each student will be required to post feedback to at least 3 other students in the class. Students enjoy receiving peer feedback because it allows them to share their hard work with the class and it is fun to see what others come up with and the journey that they take to accomplish the task. Having them comment on a post of their work and a reflection allows them to find similarities and differences about their approach to the topic.
  2. Teacher can give feedback by posting comments about the assignment in SchoologySchoology Grade Example and/or in Kidblog.
  3. Teacher also posts grades and can give additional comments when grading assignments in Schoology.

Once students are given feedback, they are also given the option to redo and resubmit an assignment if the grade is not acceptable. Students will have 1 week to fix any assignment that they wish to resubmit. I like using the grade-book in Schoology because it is a nice organized way for the teacher to give grades and quick feedback to the students. Schoology gives updates to students when new grades are posted.

Summative Assessment

Summative Assessment part 1

After the students learn all of the lessons in a chapter, they will be asked to take a final chapter quiz. I’ve created a sample quiz in the app starQuiz. The questions that I created are 11 vocabulary matching items, 4 multiple choice questions, and 2 short answer questions.

Once a quiz is created, students are sent the link for the quiz and they will receive instant feedback on all of the questions except for the 2 short answer questions. It it is the teacher’s responsibility to grade the 2 short answers in a timely matter so that the students receive  quick feedback about the complete test results.

Here is an example of what it looks like when the test is corrected:

Sample Student Test 1

Sample Student Test 2


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