Technology & Assessment Reflection

Since I recently graduated from Full Sail University, the Intro to Electricity course in Schoology was started back in October and now that I’m in a new online course getting my Online & Blended Teacher Certification, I’ve added to this course by creating examples of student work and a final summative assessment.

Here’s the reflection video that I made back in October after the first time creating this blended course:

For this assessment assignment I could have completely reinvented the wheel and created a new blended course full of different formative and summative assessments, but I truly believe that teaching is all about taking things that you already have and modifying them and perfecting them as you learn, grow, and discover your most efficient teaching style.

Life of a Cloud Comic

Watching that 1st reflection video, I think that it’s funny that I said that I didn’t think I would change a thing in my LMS. Now that I look back at it, almost 7 months later, I see a lot that I could and have changed. I like my new addition of a student sample in ComicLife. I also like the idea of having the students post their work along with a reflection about creating the comic. It will be interesting to watch students give feedback to one another after they post their comics on a class discussion board.

The other addition that I created for my Intro to Electricity course was the final summative assessment. When having my students take this final test, I would consider having all of the students take this test in class at the same time. I might think about giving students a time limit and would have to monitor that the class isn’t simply using our class webpage to find the answers to all of the vocabulary words.

Originally I thought that a final test would be the quickest and easiest way to get a final assessment, but now I think that it might be more meaningful if the students are given a project as their summative assessment. I could maybe have students work in groups to do a small news segment about an electricity topic of their choice. Students could come up with an electricity problem that’s occurring at home or at school and report about it along with possible solutions.

Reflection & revision is what teaching is all about! The use of technology opens the door to endless possibilities for meaningful student assessment.


4 thoughts on “Technology & Assessment Reflection

    • Thanks! I just checked out your blog and I love it! This is actually my last year as a classroom teacher and next year I will be training teachers in using technology in the classroom. Your blog is going to be a great resource for me!

      • Glad you like it. I have a lot of content from my old blog that I am transferring to this blog you just read, during this week, therefore it looks a little empty right now, but it will soon be a lot of recurses that may be useful for you…can you please tell me a little bit more what you will be doing?:)

  1. Reblogged this on Teach IT your way and commented:
    A teacher that is thinking in future tense and not in the past. Has understood the importance of the technology for education inside and outside the classroom, great video as well. Great job

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