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It’s amazing but the quote, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear” still holds true. This book is really speaking to me. Chapter 5 had the most impact on me. I was reminded of my own situation when Georgina explains in the letter to Zander about the seating arrangements. Her negative situation was turned into a positive one. It is so hard to see anything positive when going through a storm.  I know that’s how I felt last year when the changes occurred in my workplace. I had to choose between training and management. I had run the program for several years and trained users from all over the world. Even though I’d received awards and praises for the training program, the project manager decided to create a different model. I felt hurt and conflicted. I was totally taken by surprise and became angry and resentful. My students and the relationships that I’d built with them was my only joy. The situation confirmed my love for training. It was clear to me that I wanted to teach more than manage.Once that decision was firm in my soul I decided enroll in the EMDT program. I wanted to make an investment in myself. I was not my job and didn’t want it to define me as a person. I do miss having a voice in my current position on matters that are important to me. It has be an awesome journey reinventing myself to have a different voice. I’ve created a dream or goal book with ideas I’d like to pursue after graduation. I came to realize, just like Georgina did about her position in the orchestra that I have a voice that can make a difference. I am excited and can’t wait to use it to continue me journey. I am open to all the possibilitiesthe world has to offer me and all I can give back.
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My Response to Niki:

The quote that you picked out has so much meaning to it, and it applies to all of us who made the decision to choose to enroll in this EMDT master’s program. I think that it’s so great that you’ve created a dream/goal book and that you are using the EMDT program as a way to explore new possibilities. I would love to pick your brain about making the transition out of the classroom. Even though you are not a classroom teacher anymore, it sounds like teaching and education is still your life’s calling, and you have so much more left to give. I feel like I’m going through a similar situation, but I’m still in the classroom, suck on the fence. Do I try and make the most of my current position teaching 4th grade, or is there something else out there in the education and technology field where I can thrive and continue to grow? Was it easy for you to make that decision?


Week 3 Virtual Class Session

Today I was able to do a Google Hangout with my two classmates, Kristy and Kevin. It was so nice having the chance to catch up with the two of them and have a live conversation (as opposed to a blog) about their AR Projects that they have been working so hard on for the past 11 months.

Kevin’s project was especially interesting to me because we had a lot of similarities in our Literature Review and he dealt with teaching the leaders in his youth group and I focused on professional development with teachers at my school. I appreciate his project that he plans to publish because he really worked hard to include a section about what he learned from his mistakes. He has really good insight and I’m looking forward to seeing his final product next month.

Kristy’s project was also very interesting because she focused on motivating the students in her classroom, and I’m always searching for new ways to motivate my 4th grade students. It was really great to hear her talk about how she uses Edmodo with her students  and I’m so glad she’s having as much success with Kidblog as I am. That really tells me that what she’s doing is making a big difference at her school. Her presentation is still a work in progress, but I know that she’s off to a great start!

Now, as far my project, I was a little nervous about using Prezi because after listening to the archive class, I learned that there are some that think Prezi can get too crazy with it’s movement. After presenting with Kevin and Kristy, I was happy to learn that they weren’t bothered with the movement between slides. I know that I rushed through my presentation a lot more than I would in a real presentation, but I knew that I had a lot of information and I was trying to be respectful of their time. In Kevin’s feedback, he talked about how I showed how versatile LiveBinders can be. It made me happy when he mentioned that it would be useful for teachers at his school. That let me know that I am presenting about a relevant Web 2.0 tool that others would be interested in learning more about.

In the middle of my presentation, I had mentioned my Bullying LiveBinder. Later, Kristy had asked about getting a link to it. That’s exactly what I think LiveBinders is about, and I’m hoping that I can interest other teachers in using LiveBinders to share resources and inspire new ideas. I know I still have adjustments to make, but it was good to meet with others to get the confirmation that I’m heading in the right direction with my project.

Here’s a link to my Bullying LiveBinder. Just like I told Kristy, if you have a LiveBInder account, you are free to copy it and modify it according to your needs. Bullying is such a huge issue in schools, please share this resource with others and let me know if there are any other good links that I can add.

Week 3 Reading: Living Rule Number 6 (or not)

The chapter that spoke the most to me was chapter 6: Rule Number 6. I have to admit that this week has been the most difficult for me because, not only did I fall behind on my work because of my brother getting married and family being in town all last weekend, but I’ve been stressing myself out over trying to create my leadership project, while completing report cards for my students, and holding parent teacher conferences all week. Right now, I sure can use a lot of Rule Number 6 in my life.

What’s Rule Number 6? Well, in my classroom, my student’s know Rule #6 as: Push in your chair before you leave your seat. According to The Art of Possibility by Zander and Zander, it’s a rule that I tend to forget a lot about: Don’t take yourself so goddamn seriously. I’ve been working so hard lately that I’m finding my attitude about everything becoming more and more negative. I’m constantly tired, and I find myself saying, “this isn’t fun anymore,” all the time! Being a perfectionist has been my biggest curse in life, but somehow I think that this world does have its way of setting things in balance. I guess it is true that opposites attract. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found my perfect counterpart, a husband who lives Rule Number 6 as his life motto. Whenever he sees me start to stress out, he’s always there to lighten the mood by cracking a joke, or saying some random thing in one of the many accents that he works so hard to master.

My husband in the Fozzy Bear costume I made him. Fozzy has always been his favorite Muppet.

I’ve pretty much lived my life by rules and a timeline that I’ve set for myself. There’s always a plan that I’m supposed to stick to and I always want to do it right the first time, never wanting to make any mistakes. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and that’s a hard lesson that I’ve had to learn. I have to admire my husband because he embraces life and all of its imperfections. He never pretends to be perfect and if he ever makes a mistake, he’s the first one to go with it, make a joke, and we’re always there to laugh along with him. I’ve never realized what an admirable quality that is until I read this book. With a great role model by my side, I have many lessons to learn.


Week 3 Leadership Hub

My plan for presenting my Leadership Project still is to submit a proposal to the Sloan Consortium’s 6th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium. This conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada April 9-11, 2013 and they are accepting submissions until December 10, 2012. I now think that I will be submitting my work under the category: Innovative Media and Tools. Choosing that category helped me come up with the topic Using LiveBinders for Planning and Collaboration. As I continue to do revisions on this first draft, I’m also playing around with the idea 5 Ways to Use LiveBinders for Effective Planning & Collaboration. In my presentation, I will do an overview of my Literature Review and how it influenced my Action Research Project, then I will get into the 5 ways to use LiveBinders for planning & collaboration.

As my backup plan, I would still like to submit a proposal for the Orange County CUE (Computer Using Educators) Technology Festival that will be held on February 2, 2013. The deadline for this submission is December 2, 2012. After choosing a more narrowed down topic, I still think that this Technology Festival is a good choice that is closer to home.

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